Thursday, 15 December 2011

A little green bottle

I tried something new this time: I swirled paint around the inside of the bottle - instead of painting, or daubing it, on the outside. It's taken a long time to dry, and I'm not entirely convinced that I like the effect. Ahh well, it may grow on me.

I tried it with two bottles. Why? Because after squirting paint into the first, and swirling it around, I found that I'd used too much. SO: the next bottle jumped in to finish it all up.

(These are two bottles my husband found on the beach. And when he saw them, he was pretty sure that I'd enjoy painting them :)   I think they were brandy bottles - clear and colourless, and just about 7 inches or so tall. They're a little concave at the back: just right to slip into your back pocket, and fit nicely over your bum? That kind.)

To state the obvious: this one's painted with a rose, rose-buds, and little-bitty leaves, in metallic acryllics - white, black, and a touch of red.

Metallics never photograph well - with or without the flash. It's either the camera or the photog  :(


  1. Pat, that's phenomenal,who'd even think of it, go with your feelings on everything, you're never wrong, it is all so beautiful, imagine what we'd miss out on if you never tried, that wonderful gift of yours

  2. Tu a raison. C'est un cadeau. Et je suis reconnaissant. Tous les jours.

    Merci, mon amie :)

  3. avec plaisir ma chere I have no accent on my English Keyboard, which according to others who don't know, think I'm a fake Frenchhihihihi , have a great always Christmas weekend!
    and also remember that everitme you use Tu the next a needs an s......h and reconnaissante, 'cause you're no not a male uh uhun you're very much a woman

  4. Sigh. I am glad my French teacher isn't here to see this :(

    That is such basic stuff, and I can't believe I forgot!!!

    But, thanks for the reminder. That's why I hate writing. Give me speech, where I can cheat all the time ;)

  5. oh I never make mistakes like everitme hun? no worries I'm done much worse and IN French at that, horrible me lol

  6. Hahahah! I love your attitude! I'll bash on in my French, then - since I have such an understanding friend who'll put up with my errors, and help me with corrections even!!! Yay!