Friday, 11 April 2014

Some of my favourite pieces

... and recently done:

These two small plates (see my hand?) I painted with flowers, in a basket I made with dimensional paste! So, the basket is raised. It was a fun project, which I painted two-at-a-time :)

This is the close-up of a corner, showing the dimensional-paste scroll-work on my painting, A blue vase of roses:

A 7 1/2 inch square, with palette-knife background:

7 by 11 - ish - that's about the size of this painting:  A stylised tulip:

A tin waste-bin, in creamy white, with pink roses, and forget-me-nots:

My first chrysanthemum : In a hot pink, on an off-white ceramic plate:

My peacock, looking so coy!!! Doodled in pen-and-ink, and painted in metalics:

Two potholders, in wood, measuring about 5-inch square. 

Background painted in milk chocolate. Lace, in Titanium white.

Some pieces I enjoyed painting

Acrylic paints, on mdf board. Starting with this fun piece of imaginary flowers:


I know they don't exist IRL, but I love painting blue roses :)

This heart now lives in Australia: a gift for a friend's mum:

Calla lilies, in acrylic, on a plastic potholder:


If you walk into Ikea, you'll see these mirrors! This first one, I doodled on with gold ink. It is very dramatic on a black background!

Pen-and-ink, and only flowers!

And now, my Royal Icing mirrors!

White dimensional paste, on white:


Two plates, about 7 inches across: Say it with PURPLE!

The background is painted in a mottled purple/pink, in metallic acrylic paint. Then, I did some doodles on them with dimensional paint. The whole design is then glazed in a light purple.

a close-up of the dimensional-paste designs

A ten-inch plate, off white. Pen-and-ink doodles:

Recycled glass: Old bottles

First off, my Bombay Safire bottle. The sweetest blue, with scroll-work in white dimensional paste.

I'm going for a dreamy look here - faded roses, in pink, with forget-me-nots. Soft, soft, soft colours.

An old, old friend of my husband's visited us, and his lovely wife fell in love with this one. I hope she's enjoying it :)

Bronze dimensional paint, on a bronzy-brown bottle:

One of my favourite flowers - a field of red, red poppies, on a wine bottle:

A tequila bottle - with dimensional paint in bronze:

Silver doodles on black - now living with my sister :)

Black doodles, on a pale, pearl background - also living with my sister now:

Bronze dimensional paste, on two wine bottles:

A new art: Brushed embroidery, in white, in stark contrast on a green wine bottle :)

A close-up of the flowers:

A friend kept this bottle for me, because she liked it's shape. She's right - it is so pretty! I painted it a faded gold, and did brushed embroidery on it, in off-white dimensional paste.

Brushed painting, on fabric

These are two cotton cushion covers, measuring about 16 inches, by 16 inches:

Black acrylic paint, with white highlights, on olive-green background.