Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Poppies, orchids, calla lilies: almost fail-dot-com

These are flowers I'm having a hard time painting. The pix here are taken from my 'book of trials' - so aptly named, I think!!!
A first attempt at a many-petaled poppy.
... getting there
An orchid that that's found in my garden. Except
that it's purple-and-white.
I really want to paint this flower, but I'm not quite there yet.

'Why 'blue', ma?' I can hear my daughter asking!!!
Because I have lots of extra blue ;)

... another try.

From my sketch-pad

I have found that I can no longer just paint - because often, it is hit-or-miss, and sometimes it is wrong.

For instance, when I looked closely at my hydrangea bloom, I noticed it didn't have yellow centres after all. Not at all what the experts said :(

So, I now Google images and look at flowers closely. Or, I look in my garden, and look at how the flowers there just 'be'.

And, I can't simply look. So, I've taken to using my a sketch-pad.

The flowers here are either from photos, and I'm keeping them here, so that I can log on and see them whenever I need to :)

I don't usually draw onto the surface I am painting - I just paint. Sometimes, I'll sorta block in where I want the flowers, in their rough shapes. Most times, I don't. I paint them on whatever it is I am painting, just like Donna Dewberry does. (I only learned later that her 'students' bought her patterns!!! Hahahah!)

My sketches here are for me to understand the details of each flower - and most of them here, are flowers that I am still struggling with: I can't seem to paint them right.s

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Knowing your colours

I haven't been painting much, but what I have been doing is getting my surfaces and backgrounds done, so that when I am 'ready', I'll be able to have a whole host of stuff to paint :)

I have also 'discovered' Bob Davies! He is such a brilliant painter, and teacher, and he explains things so clearly, I am sure he could teach anyone to paint.

I've included here a video of his explanation on something very basic: colours.

As you watch the video, a pop-up will appear, to take you to his site, where, if you like, you could get a FREE download of his book on watercolour painting. He also has a free download of his book on Acryllic painting. I have downloaded them both, and am now reading them. For someone who is new to painting, they offer a wealth of information, and lots for me to digest. Do visit his site, and see what he has to offer.

In the meantime, enjoy his video:

AND, since I've always been in love with watercolour painting, I enjoyed this:

A great way to start experimenting with watercolour painting, I think, would be with this painting, im monochrome!

See a selection of his work here: Sample Artwork By Bob Davies