Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Valentine heart?

Something I did last week, over the long weekend for City Day.

Hearts and roses are everywhere. And the red, red, red of Chinese New Year is kinda stinging me eyes!!!

So, I thought: How's about a heart of rosebuds and little-bitty leaves?

And there it is, above.

None of the stuff I've done are really original pieces. I've scoured You-Tube and downloaded loads and loads of images and been to hundreds of websites and looked at the work of really good artists.

So, like all beginners, my work is usually an attempt to reproduce something I've seen somewhere.

It seldom looks the same as the original, because I am a fledgling, and wobbling on my new-born fingers!

But, if anything you see in these pages remind you of something you've seen somewhere else, it probably does! And to those who have inspired me, I say thank you.

Blue flowers

And finally, something that came out fairly right. At least, for me. It is what I wanted, and the brushes did as I asked, and the flowers didn't bubble up into something from the Mars.

I made this as a gift for a dear friend.

First, I did the flowers . . .

And then, I added the words, by Aristotle:

What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies.