Friday, 23 July 2010

Making things pop

I found this video again, and decided to 'keep' it here this time, and not lose it again.

It would seem simple enough - what's demonstrated in the video - but really, it isn't. To fill in the shadows, you'd need to look at your piece, and decide what's on top, and what's underneath. Easier said than done.

Putting in the shadows is a necessary step, I feel. It will lend depth to the finished piece, and keep it from looking flat.

Just look at the astounding kettle she's done! Simply beautiful work.

Can't wait to try this out!

Or, watch the extended version, with explanation of what she's doing, and why:

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ethereal, filmy, not-quite-there roses

It would seem that I can't get enough of them, and that seems to be about right! Hahahah!

I keep wanting to 'see' if I can do them again - and often, I can't! :)

This is my attempt on black paper - my favourite background (am I a dark soul?), and I find that my horrid pink is not so gawd-awful and much subdued here.

It's absolutely the wrong paper to paint on, way too thin, but heck, I'm only practising, and I need paper. I think this is a light sugar-paper.

Note to self: this paper don't work none, so don't buy it again, k!

Second note to self: Don't forget to sign your work! Sigh.

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Monkeying around again ;)

My two-dimensional rose, done in metallics. I find that my strokes are getting surer, the more I practise them :)

My version of a lotus:

A collection of the various flowers I can do in 2-D, done in metallics:

And, lastly, my peonies. First try, on old and used paper, finishing up the metallics left on the palette, with wicker white for the highlights:

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My blue roses

I know I did it once, but could I do it again?

My hands were itching to find out, so I tried.

And I am happy that I could do it again :)

I've taken various shots here, with the flash, without the flash, and messing about with Picasa. The last shot at the bottom is sans flash, with a little help for contrast :)

Today, Pat is a happy camper!

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My flowers

So I watched her do it on You Tube, and I tried my hand at it, and it wasn't so bad, I thought:

Then, I tried my hand at those shell-like stroke Dewbery talks about, and because it was white-edge on white, it was barely visible. Note to self: don't do this again! Please.

And always, with leftover paint, I must fiddle with an iris - and I am making progress.
Note to self: See? I can actually do that petal-flip like I seem them do!

And finally, with Luz Angela on stop/start on You Tube, I do a rose that actually looks like a rose to me! I thought it would be tragic, as usual, so I took out my ugliest paint - green - and thought, 'what the hell, let's give it a go'. Again. And, I was quite pleased with my result.

Had to meddle with the edges; had to add highlights; and it is messy - but, they look like roses. And they don't look like factory-processed ones, either. So, I am happy :)

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Monday, 5 July 2010


Nuria Sanchez makes painting carnations tres simplement! Using the 'multicharged' method she just paints these beautiful flowers, seemingly without effort. And they are simply fantastica!

Echinacea and wildflowers

An easy project from Gloria Moran - from start to finish:

Building flower petals

I'm down with a cold, and so am into 'classroom' mode for a bit.

Here's a new lesson on building a flower, starting with petals - the teacher is Gloria Moran, and excellent teacher, even though I understood very little of what she said! She works a six-petal flower, an iris, and leaves here:

A simple lavender project:

Building and orchid, step by step:

Thursday, 1 July 2010

More roses

And I couldn't believe these roses:

And this one:

And did you see the dew-drop?! Amazing!

And what do you think about this one???!

And this one is really poor quality, but the technique is clear:

... and the coin drops....

An entertainer and an artist!

Just watch this guy - his flair and his talent - and he makes it all seem oh-so-easy!

And no, I don't speak his language and have no idea what he's saying - but his brushes do the talking, and they're saying: See how easy this is?! You do, also. Pronto!