Saturday, 18 August 2012

From Facebook . . . .

I posted a picture of my work on Facebook, on Donna Dewberry's official site - because I wanted to share my work with fellow-one-strokers. I am always shiverry when I do this, because I don't want to be killed-with-kind-words from good souls who feel I need encouragement.

I wasn't prepared for the kind response I received - so I wanted to keep the page here, where I can come back to it on days when everything I paint goes pear-shaped, and I wonder why I ever started painting at all!!!

From Facebook:

I was so happy to see that Donna herself had dropped me a line :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

a string of roses

I wasn't very happy with the single rose I'd painted, so I thought I MUST go back to my one-stroke roses with a vengeance!!!

And I did! :)

Here they are, all strung in a row, on a deep blue background. I've decided that I like this one - and it's going up in my bedroom, which thus far, has escaped being invaded by my art!!! :-|

It was hard photographing this piece, because I'd forgotten to do it before I varnished it :(

So, with the flash, it was over exposed, and one side of it completely disappeared. These pix are taken without the flash, without too much light - because even natural light bounced off the surface and messed up the shot!!!

A new rose: I attempt something different

Here's a rose I painted on an old cake-board.

Instead of my usual one-stroke rose, I decided to try to paint this in the style that oil-painters use. So, this is my attempt at it: