Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The colour wheel

It may seem a bit late in the day for this, but I just found this one, and it is brilliant :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Daisies and 'flowers'

Yes, 'flowers' because I don't know if the other flowers here really exist :(

I painted this box in January, but I didn't like the way the roses turned out: they were 'flat' and didn't pop out at me. It irritated me to sit in my patio and look at them every day. So, one day, I painted over them! (You can see the 'underneath' version here.)

But, the pictures below are not of what I did the second-time-around - I didn't take any pictures of that disaster.

Yesterday, I was inspired to give up on roses and paint my favourite flower: the daisy. So, here is the re-painted medicine box my dad made eons ago. I think this version will stay around for a bit. I kinda like my daisies and those make-believe flowers I painted. If anything, I see myself re-doing the border and the sides of the box!!! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

I can't remember why I did the 'border' in blue... maybe it was because it matched the
previous bunch of flowers that I did in pink and blue. Maybe. But, my walls are a
deep, dark green. So, any colour will rock with it. 

This shot is 'yellower' than the one above, because I didn't use the flash. I think.