Friday, 25 June 2010

Messing about

... and still trying to get things right.

The flowers are incomplete and missing centres - but I'm going for the blending and getting the shading right. 

And below, I try my hand at poinsettias. Oh so cacat-looking, but sigh, this was my first time! Though, it's still the same petal I've worked on for so long. It's the putting them together to make the whole - and have the whole resemble the poinsettia... ahhh, that's the difficalification of it all!!!

Below, is a stylised version of a rose. I found this on a nail-art site, and the girl taught it so well - carefully doing each stoke and guiding me through it. I feel I need to work the petals together more tightly and try for a more rounded bulb. But, I'm not entirely displeased with these. Plus, they're anytime better than the 'real' roses I can so not paint!

Still trying to perfect my hydrangeas - this time I used a filbert brush, double-loaded and worked the flowers on it's side. Couldn't do this with the letter holder, because I don't have a small filbert :(

This one is nothing like the lady does it on You Tube, but it's my version, I guess!

Again, something from You Tube - and my version of it, for sure. It would have looked better on a dark background - but this is just part of my practice, practice, practice - so I'm working on getting the strokes right.

Why so much pink? I'm not a pink lady, although I must say I do like pink. But not only pink!

Pink was one of the first colours I bought - and I don't remember why :(  That and a vile, dull green make up my worse buys. But all's not lost: they are my 'working' paints, always pounced on when I want to practise something. From comma strokes, to scroll work; to leaves and petals - all are done in violent pink and dull green!
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Letter holder

Something I worked on for a bit. This is the third version. The other two were painted over because I was so unhappy with them.

So, daisies on one side, and hydrangeas on the other - and put your letters in-between.

Here are the hydrangeas, that finally came out close to how I wanted them to. They'll be better than this ... one day....

This is so not how I wanted it to be, but I'm living with it because I am tired of doing it over!!! Hahahah!

Anyways, changing it all is academic now - because it's now sitting in Larnee's bag in London, and will soon be in Nicole's hands. Happy birthday, Nicole. Next year, I'll do something better for you. It will be, because I'd have had so much more time to practise and get better!!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Concentrating on my flowers

I've spent a lot of time on leaves, because I find they are hard to perfect.

But flowers are just as difficult. And I'm not talking roses here - they just seem to be totally beyond me, right now.

So rather than fiddle with what I know least, I decided to try to work with those of which I know I little bit more.

I think I am getting there . . . .

Saturday, 5 June 2010

I have been busy . . . .

The pix start off with the wannabe 'artist's' table - littered with all her work, and then go on to show the practice-sheets individually:

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Roses again. Sigh.

Cindi Knighton paints roses her way:

Triple loads, starting out with a 3/4-inch, and finishing with a 1/2-inch brush.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010