Thursday, 27 October 2011

London and Lyon

I'm back in London, after spending the weekend+ with my daughter, her husband, and his family in Lyon. I haven't taken many photographs because my son-in-law has a new camera and he's snapping away at everything, and he's promised to send me his shots. But, until I get them, I've decided to put up some of mine here.

The opening shots are of London's King's Cross station ...

King's Cross St Pancras

a detail on a column

It's cold, and the leaves are turning to yellow and gold - except in this
little alcove

And now, on to Lyon:

The view from atop a hill, looking down on Lyon

We arrived at the basilica just as the bells pealed for the start of mass. So, we didn't get too much of a look-around inside. The outside was magnificent enough, I feel, to not make me feel too bad about missing the inside.

These details - above and below - are for me, and my doodly-art ;)

A sneaky pix of the inside while mass was being sung. We were there for about
five minutes. Brought back a lot of old memories of church-going-times for me.

The clear-blue skies of Lyon, on Sunday, were amazing.

It was tough getting down the huge steps; but a lot tougher climbing back up
to the top.

Roses, and rose-hips, growing right in the centre of town

A decent shot of the basilica, atop the hill, from Vieux Lyon

Thursday, 13 October 2011

A pouffe, and some back-scratchers!

We have this black-and-white pouffe at home. It's supposed to look like a big, fat football, and it's just so  bleah.

So, the other day, I decided to doodle all over it.

I also have a bunch of back-scratchers - made of bamboo - that I'd bought to give away to a couple of friends. Yes, I decided to doodle on them, too!

It would be safe to deduce that if you have any blank surfaces around, you should hide them from me, and my doodling pens!!! :)

Here are the pix:

Jolie, and her cushion, sharing the picture with our 'new' pouffe!

I've included many sides here, because each hexagon got a different doodle :)

And, here are the back-scratchers. Perfect for those hard-to-reach places
on your back!

Those 'hands' give a mighty fine scratch! ;)

Another view of them, on my so-very-untidy worktable.