Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tulips and roses

Here's another video of David Jansen teaching how to antique-finish a piece of work.

Go here for the video, or go to The Jansen Art Studio website here.

An artist at work

Since I am just a fledgling, and am struggling with even simple things, it does me good to watch someone who is such an expert - who takes things easy, offers lots of advice, and gives sound reasons for everything he does.

From the Jensen Art Studio, from their Ompir studies, David Jansen takes the novice through the steps needed to create a masterpiece, in the antique style after Ompir.

Watch the master-craftsman, David, at work here; and finishing off the work here.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I found this one, and Luca Sansone does the leaves I do - in a lovely carefully done project.

I think the background's a bit dark to really show off the leaves, but that's just my personal taste. Her work's really good.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More roses

Two more videos I found :)

This first one, shows the artist painstakingly reproduce Donna Dewberry's rose; plus some primroses and little daisy-like flowers

and, this one, which is for nail art, but which works just as well for a beginner like me. And OMG, I think it is in Russian or something!!!! Hahahaha! But just watch:

Crazy about sunflowers

I thought I'd seen every video on one-stroke painting on You Tube, and then I found this two!

The first: Amazing detail, and such a carefully done project.  I watched it with the sound out - because I don't understand Spanish. But really, when there is paint, and a brush, and a beautiful painting, who needs to understand mere words, eh?

Sunflowers, pansies and primroses on wood:

The second: By Donna Dewberry. As usual, she does it like it is super easy! And I know it isn't so!!!!