Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I have been working, though not as much as I would like to, and here're some of the flowers that I can do reasonably well. I think ;)

And, more in my quest to paint the fern, and having it look like a fern :

Some favourites

Yet more, from our garden:

For some reason, I can't caption these here, so they are
... the orchid-tree flower, followed by the blood-red blooms of the coral tree, then the spikey misai kucing (cat's whiskers), and an aerial view of our little curry-leaf plant :)

Always blooming

More from my garden:

... alamanda

... rabia

... don't know the name of this!

... elephant vine, with its morning-glory-like flowers

... and a happy bird's nest fern

my real roses

From my garden - my inspiration:

Monday, 23 August 2010

Another old bottle

Black and silver

My niece was here a while back, and she was so kind about my painting :)

And she especially loved the leaves I did.

So here's what I painted for her, and for her husband - black and silver.

So, this was for Sania...

... and this one for Niels....

Sigh. Roses again.

More examples of my practice on roses.

I tried out different methods, and I think I am finally settling on one that I can live with. But below, are all the different ways I experimented on.

Not entirely time wasted, I feel. There is a rose that will be mine, somewhere out there in my future - not too distant, I pray.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

This and that . . . .

I tried my hand at something I saw an artist do on You-tube - use whites and light colours on a black background - to make it pop. And this is what I got. But I'm not sure this is the effect I want. But's it's interesting. And the photos make these next two look almost like negatives.

The roses in the third shot, I did on rubbishy paper - and if you look at the pix, you'll see it. But I am still experimenting with roses, and trying to find a way to do them 'first-time, every-time'!

This last one - of pansies (which I've never cast my eyes on. Ever.) I painted on a board an iced cake came on :) It's not like I don't have anything to paint on, but I'm kinda perverse sometimes! The paint didn't want to stick at times, and it was hell to photograph, and finally I realised that I needed to turn off the flash.