Sunday, 1 January 2012

Re-purposed medicine box

Years ago, my dad made this little box/cupboard/cabinet - and it housed our medicines, and served as our medicine chest. Over the years, it got old and dusty, and when he passed away, and mum moved out of the old home, I couldn't bear to part with this. After all, he had made this, like so many other things in our house, and I couldn't bear the thought of it being left unwanted somewhere.

So, it has sat in a storeroom, gathering more dust, until my husband decided to clean it, and give it a nice, bright coat of paint. He used the left-over paint we'd painted our walls with, and it looked spiffy and new.

BUT: The red cross that dad had painted on the front door was hard to 'hide'. Even after a third coat, you could still see it peeping through!! That's the power of red, or dad's painting!!!

So, Chuan suggested that I paint something on it. And I did.

Here's a shot of the newly-painted box. See what I mean about the cross??!!

I slipped-slapped scrollwork on the two side panels.

A view of the door, and one side-panel. I 'edged' the door, and the side panels in gold
metalic paint (which doesn't photograph well; with or without the flash). Especially,
on the door, it sorta lends a 'frame' to my roses. I also splashed metallic gold on the knob ;)


  1. Quel talent tu as, j'adore dessiner mais ca fait si longtemps que j'ai perdu un peu/beaucoup de talent mais j'ai achete des choses pour re-apprendre a faire des esquives (setches) et j'ai un blog appele 'Scketching beginner' ou quelque chose comme ca...j'oublie...mais j'ai hate de pouvoir etre aussi bonne ou presque aussi bonne que toi! x

  2. I have visited that blog, cherie!! And even left a comment! So, I believe you when you say you've not been back for a while ;)

    I learnt how to paint on You Tube. From scratch. Before that, I'd held a brush in my hand, but made mud on the paper :(

    So, keep trying, and watch people sketch and draw - it is so inspiring! It'll make you want to do it, too :)

    Tu es un ange! xoxox

  3. My goodness so beautiful ! Happy New Year Pat !
    Btw... during the break , I tried doing this one-stroke painting, the result wasn't so good :( , was it because I use watercolor? I shall practice again...

  4. Hello Sandy! I remember you :)

    Thanks for the warm wishes, and a happy 2012 right back at you!

    Do practise again, but try to get your hands on some acrylic paints. Water colour needs a different technique, and for me, is more complicated :( I am sure water-colour artists will not agree, but that is how I feel.

    When I started, I too, did so with water colour. It was not a pretty thing, the thing I painted! Hahahahah!

    But, yes, do paint some more. Once you get the hang of things, you will see how you improve all the time.

    Thanks for dropping by, Sandy!