Monday, 27 February 2012

Three bottles

For want of a more inspired title, I am stuck with the one above :(

And here they are, those three bottles themselves! There's a story for each:

We had gone out for lunch, and this bottle - perched on our table, unopened - held some fancy water that we didn't order!!! But, it was such a pretty thing that at the end of our meal, I asked the waiter if he had any lying about. I think it must have cost quite a bit - it was Italian designer water! - because he didn't have any. BUT, someone at another table had one on his table! Waiter-guy happily went over and asked if I could have the empty bottle, and the guy said ok! How nice! (I hope this didn't traumatise my husband too much!!!)

This was a lovely bottle of chardonnay that I enjoyed. A gift from a friend. And what better way to remind me of her, than to paint on an eye-squinting design on it! I used metalics - pearl commas - and a dot of copper here and there, to match the cap and top-sleeve, that I didn't want to paint-over.

This is the other of a set of two bottles that my husband found on the beach. The other is here, and now with my dear friend Mel.

The bottle was clear, and I swirled metallic green paint inside it to green it all over! The daisy-strokes I painted on when it was dry - though I didn't need to wait, of course. Because the bottle is flat, I could only paint on one side. I could do the other side now, I guess . . . .