Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Emily's purple round

When I was working on this last night, things didn't seem to be going as I'd planned. And so, when I was done, I thought I'd leave you with this pix, and be done with it:

Then, I thought, that that wasn't really 'honest' and maybe I'd add a second pix:

What do they both have in common? Both were taken from afar, and I'd not have to reckon with the details of my purple round.

And then I remembered the reason for this blog: to document my journey in one-stroke painting, and to not have it all here, even the 'warts' wouldn't be right.

So, here's the story: My friend Emily (who remains an imaginary friend, because we have not met IRL) sent me this cake-board via the office of the Alliance Francaise where I study French every Saturday.

After stripping off the silver paper, I found that the board wasn't of the best quality, so it needed to be gesso-ed, and even after that, it still looked pimple-y. SO: I gesso-ed it one more time, this time, leaving it with a textured feel, with raised swirls (it didn't come through in the pix) - which I hope helps hide the pimples.

I did the edge in the purple Emily wanted - it's here favourite colour, she says - and did a light cover on the gesso (not enough, it still sucked up my paint and foiled my flowers :(

Emily wants to make this into a clock. I don't know if it'll work, Em, but let me know if you succeed.

Here's a close-up of the flowers on top, on the bottom, and an 'honest' close-up of the whole round, flaws and all  ;)


  1. Pat,
    The convex impression you convey with the shading of the purple edge gives a lively three-dimensional aspect to your creation.

  2. Really? How cool! I was just trying to keep to a few colours on the colour palette - I'm not a fan of many-coloured things. And since Em said her favourite colour was purple, that was my guide.

    The convex 3-d look is just a lucky break! Hahahah! I like the edged, versus the all-one-colour, look ;)

  3. Wei2, Fabulous clock-to-be piece! I see the swirls clearly and this gives the piece, like Louis said, a 3D effect. IamLovingIt!

    Second Sat soon.

  4. Thank you, Em!!! I am so happy you like it.

    And I hope you still think so when you see it!

    This Saturday? I'll leave it at the office :)

  5. very nice work and lovely colors!!!!

  6. Thank you :)

    Purple was her favourite colour - so I took it from there!

  7. Oooh Lovely! Love It! Tq so much. Will post a picture once the clock thingy is installed.

    Hope you like the tray cloth / placemat. The scarf is for your Darling Daughter! A very modern piece inspired by this:

    The small white doily is thrifted from my fav ebay seller. Good to use for wrapping instead of paper!

  8. Emily, everything is so beautiful! Thank you SO much.


  9. Hi Emily!
    Thanks for both the bag and the scarf!! They are both lovely and so well done!! It's great to get something suddenly... lol. :)