Monday, 11 October 2010

Emily's gifts :)

For the little purple round I did for her, Emily sent me so many gifts!

The first, is this black-and-white doily that graces my little table, where I read. A close-up of my reading nook is below it. If you look closely, you'll see Jolie's pillow, by the door, so she can keep guard; and a peep of Toffee's blue-pillow-in-a-basket. My dachshunds must always be right there with their mama :)

And the little dachshund on the left, with the stolen (I'm sure!) sausages, is from Emily as well. The other was something I just had to have when I saw it in Calgary!

Thank you for these, Em, and for Larnee's scarf, the bento boxes, the book-binder, and The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. I'm think of a Christmas present for you now, of course!!!
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  1. Oh my gosh! that 'hot-dog' is absolutely CUTESY! Hey! those two are a match!

  2. Hiya Em!

    Yes, hot dogs, sausages, all mean dachshunds to me :)

  3. Hi Pat,

    What a comfortable, elegant reading nook you have. Your modern version of an English winged armchair and ottoman and the small panes of the window go so well with the English Cottage title for your blog. The only thing missing is a cup of tea on the table along with your books. And one of your dainty painted jam jars filled with Dundee marmalade.

  4. The 'small panes of the window' you speak of, Louis, is actually the grille, after the huge-ass glass doors - which, in the pix, are now wide open. The grille is covered with a layer of mosquito-netting. So the grille, and the netting, keep out all pests while the door stays open all day, to receive the sea breezes :)

    One other thing is missing: CONDENSED MILK!!! For the tea, of course ;)