Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My dining table

This dining table has been with our family since Larnee was a baby. Over the years, it was used for everything from meals, to homework, to ironing (by a maid who didn't like using an ironing board), to a scratchpad for practising numbers and letters, and numerous other stuff.

So, it looked pretty battered: scratched, burnt, scoured, warped.

One day, Dan decided that it needed to be spruced up a bit, and painted it white.

On Saturday, I decided to dress it up a bit - and practised some flowers on it :)

It SO doesn't go with the rest of my home in KL, but those were the colours I had brought with me, so I bashed on.

Come Christmas, I'm thinking I'll do a red-and-green poinsettia thingy on it!
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  1. Pat..Oooo...I like..like..nice touch... I got to take myself out of the rut and start painting.... Summer break was just too long..

  2. Hi Rozie!!

    Thank you. It's an ok effort lah. I can't wait to do it over for Christmas, though!

    And, yes, it's been a while since you posted any of your work. But I caught the You-Tube thingy on roses, and tried them out :) Thank you for sharing that!