Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Painting on glass

I dared myself to stop with the practising and to actually paint something... and this is it:

... fresh out of the oven, the set-of-three tealights, the one big one, and a flower pot:

Close-ups of the larger tealight:

With the lights out, and lighted :)

A wise man told me that I should be happy with my work, and accept compliments graciously. This time, I can say that I am happy :)


  1. L.O.V.E.L.Y.!!!

    reminds me I have some whisky glasses where the gold printing's worn out...

  2. Magnificent...and the black background is fantastic.

  3. Thank you, Naz! It was so nice to find someone new here :)

  4. Hiya Louis!

    Sorry about missing you - I was working upside down on Gmail :(

    And as always, thank you. You are one of the reasons I dare to put this all out here for 'all' to see.

  5. These are also beautiful, Pat.

    Love them with lights and without.

  6. Thank you, sweets!!!

    I've sent the stand-alone one off to London with William. It'll be for his mum, when he sees her. She sent me this heavenly 3-citrus marmalade that she'd made, and I seem to be sending her something in the same shades of yellow!! Hahahah!!