Thursday, 9 September 2010

Linen n lace

I have seen this online, and I've seen it done so beautifully - halus is the word we'd use in Malay, which means fine, delicate but so does not capture the essence of how it is executed.

Yennyways, I thought I'd give it a try. The linen bits are in the centre, and the reverse-scallop trim around the edge. It doesn't quite come out in the photo - but it also means I need to use a slightly heavier mix of watery-white (note to self).

Also, this is so not the paper to be doing this on. It warped, bigtime, and I had to wait for it to dry, and then weight it down so that it would be flat in the morning. I think this is a pad of sugar-paper, and it's not for wet painting. Dry work is ok. But there is warping, which sucks :(

Some blotches, as is evident, but for a first try, I'm not at all not pleased. MUAHAHAH!!!

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