Monday, 13 September 2010

3 cups, a bottle, and my diary cover

During the Aidil Fitri holidays, my Larnee, William, and Simone visited us in PD. While they were away during the days, I spent my time making them 'bye for now' gifts.

First, was this blue mug (which everyone will recognise, cos it's vintage Ikea), in blue, and in black-and-white leaves, for William:

The green cup had to be Larnee's - green's her favourite colour, see. I had originally done yellow-and-white flowers, but they didn't pop. So, after a quick clean-up, I tried again in black-and-white, which is better. Believe me. BUT, black-and-white makes shades of grey, and not 'quite' right for this violent apple green. Ahh well, I'll remember not to do that again.

This next one turned out to be what I am proudest of: the white-and-purple on white, for Simone. Unfortunately, it doesn't photograph as well as I would have liked it to. But, I liked this best:

And, as always, there will be left over paint. I liked the purple-and-white so much, I did the same flowers on my water bottle :)

And with the left over black and white paint, I did some scroll-work on my diary cover - it was lying on my desk, and I wanted to paint something quickly, before the paint dried!!! Hahahah!!! I have yet to learn to put some stand-by stuff around: to be grabbed when I've done with the thing I am painting, and I want to finish up the paint.

I see that my pictures are a tad off-centre. Hahahah!!! But, because of that, in the background somewhere up there, you can see one wall of the room I spend a lot of time in! Here's where I sit at my pc, behind that often photographed, paint-speckled desk; and of course, it's where I paint; and sometimes belt out my favourite songs on You Tube; play my Wii; and often, when I'm tired of sitting on my bum, you'll find me reading on that bed you can sorta see in the background. On the poster-board above the bed, is a collection of bits and pieces I've painted, from the time I started. I cannot believe it has been one year - or it will be, come October. Nice :)


  1. Dear Asimina,

    Thank you for your kind words, and for the visit.

    I've got you and your blog up on my blogroll now :)

  2. The mugs are in Londres maintenent! keke