Monday, 20 September 2010

Luggage patch

If you're anything like everyone else out there, your luggage is black. All black. And when it comes out of the carousel at the airport, do you often wonder, "Is that my bag?"

Yes, I've seen the ribbons, and the stickers, and I've also seen two different hands reach for the same bag!

SO: I think it was Larnee who came up with this idea: for me to paint a patch on her bag, so she'll recognise it from afar, and can reach for it with confidence :)

But, what do I paint? I've toyed with ferns (failed) and she seems to like my scroll-work. So, this evening, I came up with a few patches, for her to look at, and maybe there's something here she likes.

I started out with the first one - in a rectangle and a circle; then I decided to do three longish-shapes; and as usual, because I always have extra paint in my palette, I doodled, and voila, the last one.

There is no way I'll be able to exactly reproduce what I've done here. Such is my 'talent' lah: the brush sorta takes itself all over the page, and I am but its servant! But, I can but try to replicate what you like lah  ;)

Scroll-work is something I simply love doing, and so, this was fun.

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  1. Hahahah!!! You're not helping by not choosing one!

    I'm thinking: Second shot, the circle. Now, let's here why not. . . .

  2. Hi Pat,

    Having had to scan very recently a mind-numbing collection of identical bags on a warehouse floor covered with the bags of some thousands of cruise passengers searching for my luggage, then later follow the procession of similar bags as they went round and round on an airport baggage carousel, I felt like rushing over with a check for you to paint one of your distinctive patterns on mine. But I had second thoughts: I would hate to see such art abused by those baggage handlers.

  3. Louis,

    I would be honoured to paint a patch on your luggage :)

    And you know what? I like things to be used. Not for me, pretty things lining a shelf, or hiding behind glass doors.

    So, if it's bashed and tattered - it would only mean that you used it well, and that it helped you in your search for yours among all the other black bags!!!

  4. Lovely work Pat! reminds me of those olden heritage pieces of silver and gold thread embroidery!

  5. Yes, Em, I remember what you mean!

    And I also loved the tone-on-tone colours too: like if the linen was white, they'd use white silken threads. Beautiful!

    Thank you for the fine compliment :)