Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How to draw a daffodil

It's back to children's drawing to learn how to do this...

Creating exciting backgrounds

I watched Neadeen Masters paint this mottled background some time back, but forgot about it - until I saw her video again today. In just these 9+ minutes, she offers lots of valuable help on how to control the paint, how to hold the brush plus which brush to use, as well as how to keep the background from going muddy.

I love the way she does her backgrounds - in themselves, they are already beautiful, don't you agree?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Poppies, orchids, calla lilies: almost fail-dot-com

These are flowers I'm having a hard time painting. The pix here are taken from my 'book of trials' - so aptly named, I think!!!
A first attempt at a many-petaled poppy.
... getting there
An orchid that that's found in my garden. Except
that it's purple-and-white.
I really want to paint this flower, but I'm not quite there yet.

'Why 'blue', ma?' I can hear my daughter asking!!!
Because I have lots of extra blue ;)

... another try.

From my sketch-pad

I have found that I can no longer just paint - because often, it is hit-or-miss, and sometimes it is wrong.

For instance, when I looked closely at my hydrangea bloom, I noticed it didn't have yellow centres after all. Not at all what the experts said :(

So, I now Google images and look at flowers closely. Or, I look in my garden, and look at how the flowers there just 'be'.

And, I can't simply look. So, I've taken to using my a sketch-pad.

The flowers here are either from photos, and I'm keeping them here, so that I can log on and see them whenever I need to :)

I don't usually draw onto the surface I am painting - I just paint. Sometimes, I'll sorta block in where I want the flowers, in their rough shapes. Most times, I don't. I paint them on whatever it is I am painting, just like Donna Dewberry does. (I only learned later that her 'students' bought her patterns!!! Hahahah!)

My sketches here are for me to understand the details of each flower - and most of them here, are flowers that I am still struggling with: I can't seem to paint them right.s

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Knowing your colours

I haven't been painting much, but what I have been doing is getting my surfaces and backgrounds done, so that when I am 'ready', I'll be able to have a whole host of stuff to paint :)

I have also 'discovered' Bob Davies! He is such a brilliant painter, and teacher, and he explains things so clearly, I am sure he could teach anyone to paint.

I've included here a video of his explanation on something very basic: colours.

As you watch the video, a pop-up will appear, to take you to his site, where, if you like, you could get a FREE download of his book on watercolour painting. He also has a free download of his book on Acryllic painting. I have downloaded them both, and am now reading them. For someone who is new to painting, they offer a wealth of information, and lots for me to digest. Do visit his site, and see what he has to offer.

In the meantime, enjoy his video:

AND, since I've always been in love with watercolour painting, I enjoyed this:

A great way to start experimenting with watercolour painting, I think, would be with this painting, im monochrome!

See a selection of his work here: Sample Artwork By Bob Davies