Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Blue on blue

I've been thinking about what to paint for a friend - and so I've been monkeying around with stuff, and yesterday, I thought I'd try out my favourite: tone-on-tone.

I used blue (although I know her favourite colour is purple), and since it was a round board, tried out a border design in a circle. I don't think it'll do for a clock-face, though. It looks too much like a wreath. So, I'll have to split it, I think - a larger half-circle at the bottom, a smaller half-circle at the top.

With my left-over paint, I practised more ferns - to find a fern that would be worthy of gracing Larnee's black bag. I don't have long more to practice, though. So, I think I'll have to settle on something soon.

Here's a shot of yesterday's work - taken on my easel.

I've taken to my easel again, because sitting on my bum, hunched over my paints, is not a good thing for me. So, it's standing, from now onwards, and I feel much better.


  1. Making the flowers translucent is an imaginative touch.

  2. I think they became translucent naturally. Maybe because of the strong black background :)