Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A lantern for Lita

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, and yesterday, I felt was the right time to just do it.

I can practise a stroke with confidence, and execute petals and leaves without a thought - but when it comes to doing something for someone, my hands will shake, I'll lose my confidence, and I'll be just stupid.

Yesterday was no different. I did the first flower, and I decided it looked so horrid, I had to wipe it off. Believe me, when you're working with Enamels, it's not as easy as just writing those words.

So, after scrubbing and polishing with a cotton towel, I told myself that if it looked like hell, I could 'clean' it off all over again. Ahhh, such fun to look forward to.

I ponced the metal bits earlier, with a combination of red and green - which results in a sorta all-over-brown, with green bits, and red bits, here and there. Nice.

Then, it was time for the glass work:


  1. Pat dearling,

    Yes, not a typo, you are a dear and a darling. So I coined that word specially for you.

    I am just unable to say how beautiful your gift is. Thank you so so so much for the work of art.

    I've saved all the pictures to my folder called "Pat's paintings".

    I can't wait to take it home. I hear it calling me.

    With much love

  2. I like to have someone in mind when I paint. And when I painted this for you, I pictured you smiling :)

    I love you, too.

  3. Ma it's so beautiful!!! U should seriously start selling them!

  4. Hahahah!!! My make-me-a-millionaire manager!!!

    Maybe when I feel I am good enough lah. Right now, I am just messing about. I see too many 'faults' to be able to make someone pay for anything.

    Maybe later, when I have more confidence in my work, and someone asks me nicely, I'll think of how to charge them for it ;)