Sunday, 28 August 2011

Absolute hydrangea

My blue hydrangea, on an Absolute - vodka - bottle - as usual, taken from a few angles, and sitting with its friends on my shelf.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sandra draws an abstract thing

I found this video some time ago, but I couldn't find it again - so that's why I couldn't share it here.

Today, was my lucky day, so here it is:

So many have asked me how I draw my doodles, and have commented at how complicated they are, and how they could never do anything so intricate and detailed.

Well, Sandra does beautiful work here, and she was one of my inspirations. The other was Miraculous Mosquito who was really the one who got me started with doodling.

If you like doodling, or are interested in getting started, perhaps you could do it the way I did: just watching these talented people do it, and then trying it out on your own.

It is loads of fun, and when you're doodling, time stands still. It empties your mind. So, when you are doodling, you're free :)


I find that I am doing at least one of these every day! So far, I have a collection of five:

3" x 4"

5" x  4"

6" x 2.5"

4.5" x 2"

4" x 3"

Friday, 26 August 2011

Johnny Walker makeover

Yes, Johnny got a makeover: in black. With yellow roses, and little flowers on the other three sides.

Here are the pix to prove it:

The half-litre JW on my kitchen table

Little flowers on the other sides

Close-ups of the top,  
... front ...
... and bottom.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The calla lily and a basket of daisies

I have been trying to figure out how to paint this flower - which I love - and here is someone who figured out how for me!

Plus, a lovely surprise for me to find this one today - Ros Stallcup painting daisies:

Monday, 22 August 2011

Doodle-y bottles

These are soy-sauce bottles, that have been given the doodle treatment:

Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm into doodling :)

Ever since I discovered Miraculous Mosquito on You Tube, and went to visit her blog, I have been obsessed with doodling. I find it infinitely riveting to do, and whenever I feel like it, I will pick up a pen and ... well, just doodle.

I found so many videos online of people doodling, including one of drawing mandalas, and other interesting doodles. I started out my first doodles in French class, while waiting for the teacher to materialise, and did them in ballpoint pen. That wasn't really fun, because the pen was less-than-wonderful.

So, the next doodles were all done with felt-tips, and here are some of them:

This is a mandala, that you grow from a seed,
right in the middle. 

And these next three are done with my new pen, that Chuan bought for me yesterday :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lacey doily - update

Here's the picture I promised, of the doily sitting pretty in my living room:

There it is, next to my two-seater

I don't really know if the colour can be seen, but it should look ivory-ish/off-white
Before I fitted the glass back into the table, I protected the painting with two layers of topcoat. I used an antique-coloured topcoat, so that the doily isn't TOO white, which is a tad in-your-face, I think. Now, after the double layer of topcoat, it has an off-white, ivory finish, which I love. It also goes well with the brown of the glass. Since I cannot bake the doily, it will have to cure here for 21 days, and then it should be fairly ruin-proof ;)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lacey doily

Today, I finished a really big project :)

It's really big for me, because it involves something for my living room, and because it will sit there, and be seen by anyone or everyone who visits, I was (still am!) a tad nervous about it.

But, it is something I had planned to do for a long time, and yesterday was the day to do it!

'It' happens to be the glass-top of a side-table in my living room. It is an old side-table, and actually is part of a set that my mother gave me when she moved out of her home, and into mine.

So, here is how I did it, and the finished project is right at the very end:

First, I did a rough sketch of how I'd wanted the doily to look - but in the end
you'll see that I sorta changed it. A lot ;)

Then, I made this template to stick under the glass. Lace cannot be worked
free-hand - at least not for me :(

Half done! I first painted in the 'linen'; then, I put in the large comma strokes.

Finished at last: with the line-detail filled in with a liner-brush; then the dotting
- which I think brings the whole thingy nicely together!

Detail of the design: for anyone
who'd like to try it :)

This looks complicated and tricky, but all it takes is patience and a steady mind focused on the project. It's very therapeutic and relaxing. Painting meditation, if you ask me :)

(When it has dried, and been top-coated, I'll fit it back onto its table - and then, I'll update this with a picture of my project - sitting in the living room!)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

I can do pastels, too

My last piece was too, too blue - and so, as an antidote, I did this one:

Note to self:

I was going for the watercolour effect for the background. It took me a while to get it - so that's why it's patchy. I need to dilute the paint, and do the whole piece wet-ly, and only after that, go over it again, to deepen the shade. Try and try and try again.

Something for Sherrie (updated)

I did a little bit of work this morning, and with my angle-brush, added a little bit of shading to the the petals, and to generally bring the piece out a bit. It's not very much, but to me, it makes it less flat.

I floated burnt umber - just a touch - along where I felt the shadows would fall, taking my cue from the natural shadow underneath my gold-dabbed arc.

... without ...

... with shading.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Something for Sherrie

I painted this piece for my French friend, Sherrie ;)

This time, I had the camera out - I was taking pix of my dogs - so, I have a few pictures of the stages of my work:

The background, in blue, with a bit of burgundy at the edges. Nope,
I cannot just have a plain blue anything. Btw, there were
some holes, so I covered them up with a bit of tissue,
to look like a bit of moulding (like that found on doors, etc.)

My sketch of what I want to paint, done in white.

Then, I painted the flowers in with white, so that the colours would look
stronger on the blue of the background.

A pix of the finished piece. The moulding looks kinda nuts to me. And
I sure could use some more practice with my sunflowers.
(Taken with a flash.)

Sunflowers, daisies, and blue rose-buds.
Taken without a flash, in natural light.
This is an earring holder. You stick your earring-studs into them, and they are all there, arranged in front of you, so you don't need to sort through them every time you want a pair! Because it is so light, it can be mounted with double-sided tape. Mine is, and it's staying up just fine :)

It is made from an old piece of polystyrene (styrofoam), which is quite hard to come by these days, because of the use of a kind of papier-mache cardboardy thingy that is now in use. More eco-friendly, and biodegradable, too.

So my days of painting on styofoam are numbered! I'm not complaining, though. It EATS paint!!! :(