Thursday, 8 December 2011

Leafy shelf

My husband has been busy around the house lately - must be the rain, I think - which is keeping him away from his first love: fishing!! ;)

One of the projects that was finished recently, was this shelf, for my bathroom. I needed somewhere to keep my face creams and whatnot, and finally it was done.

It was so pretty, I decided to paint on something simple along the side - and I kept to the same palette as my bathroom, which has basically green (with cream) floor tiles, and cream (with green) tiles half-way up the wall.

Just finished :)

We must have a close up, to show that I've yet to master my curly-cues. Sigh.

And now, weighed down with all the stuff I need for my face, and then some ;)
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  1. Oh how gorgeous, very talented couple...I know what my three cats would do with it, that is if it wasn't high up, gorgeous collaboration

  2. Hahahaha! Yes, you are right, Lorraine - he does the really hard bits, and I paint the results. Quite a good arrangement, eh? ;)