Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Irises on a black bin

I decided to paint irises, this time - faithfully following the style of Donna Dewberry's one-stroke flowers. I needed tall flowers for this tall bin, and her irises were perfect for the role.

I always have paint left over, and this time, I attacked the cover of the Davidoff coffee bottle: and it could now be a pencil holder, or for a keeper of brushes, or whatever you like :)

When both projects were dry, I covered each with two coats of Mod Podge, sanding them down in-between coats. I love the way Mod Podge brings everything together nicely, and gives it all a lovely depth and glow.

Just finished, but not yet top-coated - on my untidy desk!

Not my best picture, eh - taken with the flash off, and in the room light.

The bin, all ready to be used: with a liner fitted, and sitting next to the girls water bowl :)
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  1. Elles sont tout a fait delicieuses, bravo you are so gifted

  2. Merci, Lorraine. Tu es une bonne amie :)