Monday, 5 December 2011

Now, it's the other one! Hydrangeas

I painted the cover of the other pouffe yesterday. No need to say any more . . . .

(I know it says, The English Cottage on the pix :(  I exported a bunch of them from Picasa and lazily added the watermark to all. I've posted pix of my girls asleep on the other blog.)


  1. You need not say anything the beauty speaks for itself you talented girl you

  2. Pat Mademoiselle l'Artiste you are too good to have so few visitors, you have to make others aware of your blogs, other artists,they're going to love although I'm beginning to suspect that bloggers are leaving I'm just not sure towards what

  3. You are so kind, Lorraine. Actually, I am a bit shy about my work - there are so many brilliant artists out there, and I am just learning - only a beginner. Also, I am often not very happy with the way things turn out.

    BUT, I've been told to not say that anymore - so I don't. But, I guess, like anyone else who wants to do something right, I always feel there is a lot of room for improvement! Hahahaah!

    Thank you so much for liking the hydrangeas. I enjoyed painting them.

    Et, c'est 'madame' ;) J'ai un mari, deux enfants - une fille et un garçon - et, bien sûr, mes trois chiennes !!!

    J'adore practiquer mon Français avec toi! ;)