Thursday, 1 December 2011

My black pouffe gets a facelift

We've had this black-box-like-Ikea pouffe for years. And it's been relatively safe and unmolested for most of its life, except when I yanked off the fabric cover and washed it, once in a while.

Yesterday, I decided that it needed a facelift, and so I painted its face!

The pictures below tell the story:

I'm keeping this one small, because it is the only one I have,
but it's so blur. Sigh. It's the 'before' shot, yennyways,
and they always look like this :(
That's TOFFEE, btw

Two shots of it - above and below - with my other two girls: Jolie and Bella.
 It's dry and ready to be sat on :)


And the close-up, warts and all . . . .

I painted this is ordinary acrylic paint. I didn't bother with the fabric medium because, I felt, this didn't need to feel soft. For the same reason, I didn't rush out and get fabric paint. 

When I'd finished, I let it dry over night, and when it was completely dry, I put it in the dryer to set. It could've been ironed on the wrong side to 'set' as well - but the dryer is the easier option for me.

It will wash normally, and be just fine. I know. Because I have a tee-shirt blouse that I painted months ago, and it's still bright and chirpy after many, many washing-machine washes, and drying in the dryer.

Fabric painting is different, and the techniques I needed to use were also different. So, I did enjoy doing this piece :)


  1. Your pouffe is beautiful as are you dogs, oh how lovely, you're very artistic, I skipped over the French blog, 'cause I'm French (Canadian, from Montreal) so you know it would probablynot excited me, But I like this,it has art and dogs

  2. Hello Lorraine!

    For a minute there, I thought I'd got my wires crossed: I clicked on your profile, and saw 'Scratch and Bark' and thought it sounded mighty familiar!!!

    Margie visited me at my other blog - The English Cottage - and I visited her right back. And there you were in the same blog. NOW I understand: you both contribute to that blog!!! I'm so duh sometimes! Hahahah!!

    Thank you for your kind words. My dogs are here when they are in the background of something I'm taking a picture of! Hahahah. Usually, you'll find them at The English Cottage.

    You're French Canaddian? How cool to find someone who speaks French! Yes, I can understand why you'd not find that blog not exciting! It is so BASIC!!! And, I've been neglecting my French... sigh... time to go back and do some reading in French, I guess. Thanks for reminding me!

    Thank you for visiting!

  3. No worries Pat we tend to confuse people, you can imagine how confuse I am when I get an e-mail congratulating me on Sea Seals...and think WTH lol Have a great weekend

  4. Bon Week-end à toi aussi ! :)