Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas-ing up my place a little

I've resisted the urge to do this for three years, I think, but this year, I thought I'd do a little bit to festive up the place a bit ;)

So, here are some pictures of some 'corners' of my home. I've yet to take shots of the candles, and votives and candle-holders of snowmen and Father Christmas, and loads of others... well, maybe later. And maybe not 'loads'! Hahahahah!!!

Isn't this the cutest snowman ever? Hahahah. My daughter gave him to me, for Christmas years ago.
I painted that poinsettia, and the paint isn't quite dry, as can be seen. I just free-handed the outline in gold,
and when it was dry, I filled in the red, and then the green.

Another side of the same fabric box (from Ikea), with holly, this time. 

This is the one-stop-centre at my home: everything gets chucked here: handbags, car keys, money, sunglasses, everything!!! It has
a life of its own, and will be weighed down with stuff, and beg to be cleared. Let's see how long it stays this way . . . .

I love these big, red balls! I've also got a couple of green ones, here, but they hiding ;)

This wooden soldier is my mum's, and he stood sentry at her place,
until she moved in with me a few years ago. He says he's happy
 to stand guard near my radio, cd player, and never-used-tv! 

SO: the 'real' reason I was so enthusiastic about painting Christmas-y stuff, was to finish up my gold-glitter paint. Even after all
the projects I'd thought of, I still had some left in the bottle. I found this box (Ikea again, how ever did you guess?!!!), and decided
to free-hand this design until I was down to the last drop :)
It now will sit pretty on the table int my reading corner -  just inside the door, next to me rocking chair!

This was the first project I did, actually: the placemats, for Chuan and me. I free-handed the outlines, and then decided that
I would only fill in the green and the red. Otherwise, it would be overkill, I think. See those wispy bits? I was going for
those christmas-tree-type spiky leaves. I think I failed miserably here :(

The two placemats I did: and we'll be eating off them - on plates, of course! - tonight, and all through the Christmas season. They are really very easy to
look after: just pop them in the washer, and then the dryer, and they're clean again, and good to go!

My doodly pig!!! Chuan gave me this pig, with paints, a lonnnnnnng, lonnnnng time ago, for Christmas. I never got round to painting
it, poor thing. Yesterday, when I wanted to - the paints were all hard as stone. Surprise! Surprise! 

A view of its other side ;)

And there it is, sitting pretty on a dresser :)

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Your art feeds my heart, it makes me feel wonderfully Christmasy, thanks for that have a great day

  2. Your comments touch my heart, Lorraine. Thank you for visiting. And, I am so happy I've put you in a Christmasy mood! :)

    You have a great day yourself!

  3. Hi dear Pat,
    long time was not being here...I've lost myself,but now I'm better.
    You've been very diligent and made beautiful things.All the best,

  4. Dear Tanja,

    We all have times when we get a little lost. Most important is that now you are better :)

    Thank you for your kind wishes. All the best to you, and your amazing art, as well.