Thursday, 15 December 2011

A fiery set of four: Wine glasses

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and I just couldn't get the courage to try it until now.

The long stems are green: with black, and touches of red - to reflect the colours in the petals.

I thought a nice dramatic black centre would be just right. And, when you finish your wine, a bloom will be staring right back at you.

I signed them all, on the reverse of the bottom
- there, but not in-your-face ;)

Where's the wine, already?!

They've only just been completed, so I need to let them dry for a day; bake them; rest them for a bit, and then they'll be ready to be packed.

I've planned these as a Christmas gift for a dear friend. I hope she'll like them. And use them!


  1. andhere Ithought nothing would surprise me, wow these are gorgeous, you have a major talent, and wine glasses no less, it's perfect, if someone offered me wine in one those glasses, they would seriously loose me for a while, oh and I would have MImosas, I mean it's an absolute...WOW you rock girl

  2. THANK YOU, Lorraine :)

    When you next have your misosa, have one for me, too!

    I have margarita glasses that I am dying to try these on with, as well. Soon ;)

  3. Strawberry Margaritas I'm in, and I'm so dumb do you know how lok it took to realise I was visiting when I visited the English cottage, in the beginning I use to think, hmm didn't I visit already? boy do I need to drink from these glasses lol atta girl

  4. Yuppers, I have more than one blog, Lorraine. Hahahah! I also have one where I put all the French stuff I learned, and French songs, etc. I haven't been back there in a while - and I must. I don't want to forget all the stuff I learnt :(

    About the margaritas: Oooooo, I love strawberry margaritas, too! How lovely to find someone else who does :)

  5. Chaque nuit je reve de Mimosa ou bien de Margaritas aux Fraises, yum...x

  6. Chaque nuit?! Je tu envie!!! ;)