Friday, 29 July 2011

Linen and lace

I enjoyed doing this piece.

I'd watched the video on You Tube, and I thought I'd give it a go. It was explained in Spanish, and of course I didn't understand a word (except maybe when she said, "... uno, dos, tres...." - at least I think that is what I heard! Hahahaha!!!

But she worked slowly, and step-by-step, I figured out what she was doing, and I tried it on my own. If you do go to the link, you'll see how perfectly accurate hers is - and in comparison, mine has lots of room for improvement. I guess that's why she's a 'Profesora de pintura decorativa' and I'm ...errr ... me! Hahahahah!!

The 'round' is a cake-board, of mdf, and after gesso-ing and a coat of paint, it was still rough to the touch, so I sanded it. One more coat later, it was perfect.

I love doing this, and I'm planning to work a bottle with a lacy design like this as well. I am always about: I did it once, but the real test is doing it again; and doing it better :)


  1. What???this is definitely something I`m gonna try!

  2. You're going to try it, too, Tatjana? Cool! I look forward to seeing how to switch it up into something creative and different! :)