Monday, 4 July 2011

Metallics for an old jar

This glass jar has been lying around my house for the longest time - and finally, it fell under my paint brushes!!!

First, I did the background in Periwinkle, then I painted the flowers in Pearl, with Plum centres (all Folkart metallics). They adhere very well to glass.

Finally, I put in silver pollen goblues - actually meant for fabric (but do I care?!).



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  1. Oh you are also into painting ...;)

  2. Good work Pat! Unfortunately I can`t purchase folkart glass colours :(

  3. Hello Wan Sharif!

    You are such a familiar name and face, although we've never talked! Isn't that simply amazing?

    Yes, I am into painting, and I thought I'd 'hide' safely here, in my blog, in the open, and hope no one I knew would find me! Hahahah! That's what they say, no? That the best place to hide anything is where everyone can see it?!

    Thank you for dropping by!

    And, do me a favour? Shhhhhh . . . ;)


    These are not Folkart glass colours. They are oridinary acrylics, meant for paper or canvas. You can look for an additive to help them stick to glass. I have another additive to make them suitable for fabric as well :)

    In Malaysia, there just a few choices of colour for Folkart Enamels. So, I have had to adapt.

    ALSO: If you cannot find the additive, paint with ordinary Folkart Acrylic, and then, MODPODGE the work. I use Modpodge Outdoors - it is waterproof, and the items are sealed well, even though it is very humid here in Malaysia.

    Let me know if this helped you.