Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Recycling bottles

Every time we've got an empty bottle, my husband will clean it and leave it for me - so that I will one day be inspired to paint it! That's why I have a whole collection of bottles, of various shapes and sizes, all lined up on my shelves.

Yesterday, I decided that I'd start on some of them: so I did their 'backgrounds'. I'm in a metallic mood, so they were all finished in various shades of metallic paint.

This first one is in metallic black and gold. I didn't really manage to capture it's exact look with this picture. I tried it with, and without, the flash, and both times the results were far from satisfactory :(

From Jack Daniel, to Tazo, to a couple of jam bottles - nothing is spared!

Here's the Bols bottle again, along with an Esprit bottle.

I'm not entirely pleased with how this turned out, but I'll not paint it over. I'm trying to
wean myself off too much white... so this is a work-in-progress:
the weaning, not the jam jar ;)

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