Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Celtic knots

I love these things, and I've done them in crosses, and in long strips, and coloured them in different shades - but I can't find the book I did all that in :(

SO: with my new watercolour pencils handy, I did this. Even if you don't look too closely, you can see how HOPELESS I am with these watercolour pencils. They're all blotchy and patchy, and not smooth and lovely like the ones the great artists do. Guess who's not a great watercolour-pencil-user yet! Sigh.

This is my favourite one to do whenever I am bored. You'll find it
all over my exercise books!

I especially like this one, because it is one, continuous
loop of thread or whatever. I try to do lonnnnnng ones, like a
border, and find them fascinating. They're also the ones that
can be made into crosses - which I'll do sometime soon,
and post here :)

A complicated one, of many strands. Fun to do,
but I really need to concentrate!

And here they are altogether in my spanking new
sketch book. And, yeah, my scribble with
my manuscript sharpie :)

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