Sunday, 31 October 2010

My poinsettia and holly

I love poinsettia, and nowadays they can be found in a myriad of colours: from the traditional red, to gold, and silver, and even pinks and blues!

Here I've tried my hand at the traditional red. But, something's happened to my green, so I'll need to see how to fix that :(

In the practice round, it was ok. And that is where I tried my hand at shading for the first time. That's why you can see the outer outlines of my shading strokes. A big no-no - but first timers will do nonsense, won't they?

When I'd finished the poinsettia and holly, I felt that the arrangement looked a bit bare - so I added in some conifer fronds. Yes, needs more work, that, eh?! ;) Hahahahah!!!

See what I mean about the 'shadows' on the practice-sheet?
Aiyo, and what's with the green lah?!
I'm quite happy with this one, actually :)


  1. Pat, if you are considering how close your representations are to the real thing, your holly is spot on except that the edges of the leaves could be a little more prickly...I know, having been their victim more than once.

    It was bad enough when white poinsettias joined the red. Now you reveal that they come in all those colors besides red which all poinsettias were meant to be! What's the world coming to?

  2. The holly is prickly? :( I've never seen one close-up, so this is just from pix and from my imagination, where holly is sprinkled generously over all my Christmas memories!!

    The silver and gold are fakes, usually made from fabric, and dusted with gold or silver dust. Quite gross, if you ask me lah.

    I've actually seen row upon row of pink poinsettia, and wondered if they were real. So I just had to go near enough to find out. They were real :(

    We have the red-poinsettia plant in Malaysia. It is a wild thing, a lot like the cassava plant, and grows with gay abandon in the hot and wet here. We had a plant, but it became infested with white-fly and eventually died.

  3. That's really pretty. Have to admit I'm kinda jealous that you've got so much talent. :( Mwahahahahahaha.

    PS. I've saved the last picture in my now-growing album of Pat's paintings.


  4. How blessed I am, to have so many encouraging souls to visit me and cheer me on :)