Sunday, 31 October 2010

Practising for Christmas

I have gifts to paint for Christmas, and some of them are on fabric. Not easy. At least not for me. Most of the techniques I use for paper and glass don't work at all :(

But, there is nothing like trying - to find out what you can, and cannot do.

Here's what I did this morning. I couldn't find many colours for fabric, and so: DO NOT LOOK at the colours, or the colour combinations I have used here. Many times, when I'm in practice-mode, I use whatever colours I have on the palette, rather than squeeze out more of a different colour, just so that it would look right. I'm more interested in getting the shape and strokes right, than I am about colour. So that's why, many times, the colours you see all cosy-ing up togethersee are so scary! Hahahah! But on this day - All Hallow's Eve - surely I can be forgiven?

What possessed me to even look at the purple, let alone put it in my basket and then pay for it? I thought it would make a 'less drastic' shadow for the red, than black would. Plus, there was no black to be found :(

Yennyways, with the colours I have, I plan to do a few simple but pretty things. And you'll find them here before Christmas. Fingers crossed ;)

Here they are, altogether, because they don't merit a place all alone!


  1. Wah, very hardworking one lor.

    Admire your dedication and discipline. :)

  2. But it's not hard work at all!!! Hahahah! It's just me messing about, sometimes, with frightening results!