Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A bottle and a votive

I don't feel 'ready' to start on my Christmas gifts yet, so I'm messing about with old things I find around the house. The first is a little bottle I take with me to French class. It was on the table, so it was 'captured' for painting! Hahahah!
One side...

... the other side...

... and its cover.

And the votive, above and below:


  1. Thank you, dear Asimina! You always are so encouraging of my efforts :)

  2. Hi Pat,

    I like the roses with the white fringe. Adds something extra to the look.

    Overall, very nice lah. Love to take a rest and check new pics here.


  3. Hi dear,

    I now realise that roses are my favourite flower to paint. It's over-kill, of course, because everyone's painting them, and some only paint roses, but what can I do? I love them in real life, and now that I can paint them, and they no longer look like tea-cups [ ;)], I find that they bring me the most pleasure to do right!

    I'm always happy to find you here!