Friday, 29 October 2010

Missy's house

Missy was meant to join us in Port Dickson last weekend, but it was not meant to be. At 9, she was 'old' for an English bulldog, and she was too ill to come to us. She was laid to rest on Sunday, 24 October.

In his spare time, my DH, Chuan, put together this house for her - little knowing that she wouldn't be here to see it, or enjoy it.

So, since it was completed, I decided that I would go ahead and paint on the flowers that I'd planned to do. The only difference to the design being this heart, to remind us of the happy girl who spent some time with us:

Toffee, above - my long-haired one; and Jolie, below:

I just finished the painting today, so tomorrow, I'll spray on the sealant, and it'll be good :)

See you at the Rainbow Bridge, Missy!


  1. It's so pretty!!! She would have loved it. Sighs...

  2. sad to hear about missy. hope she is in a better place. We lost our little puppy 'angel' too in August to parvo virus. So sad. What a lovely dog house with those colourful flowers on it. Missy sure would have loved it.

  3. Very touching, Pat and Chuan.

  4. Larnee, Vera, and Louis,

    Yes, she would have loved this, and she would have been happy to sit under it's roof and feel safe.

    I'm sad that she didn't get to see it, but I'm glad that she is no longer in pain, and no longer having to deal with being old, and having everything fall apart at once.

    Here's to Missy, aka Wiggles, and to the joy she had for life, and for eating, and for playing with her smelly bone!

  5. That't really a work of love. Truly a pretty sight. Love the personal touch for Missy. :)

  6. Yes, dear Lita, it was a work of love, and a means for me to come to terms with her death. I will always remember her when I see her house, and that way, she'll never be far away.