Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Two jam bottles

Yes, I do have a way with titles, don't I? NOT! Hahahaah!!!

But here's what I did yesterday: painted the four faces of two little bottles, that I plan to fill with homemade jam. Not in my home, but in Pierre's - my daughter's father-in-law, and a dear friend. Another person who's near and dear, whom I haven't yet met :)

Every year, we get lots of lovely jam from him, all made in France! Chuan and I can't finish it all, and so we share. This year, Nicole, Larnee's MIL also sent us delicious three citron marmalade. Two bottles were too much, so one is with my sister, Sandy.

And these bottles will be filled, and will go to two friends I'm meeting next week :)

I've yet to set the paint in the oven. I thought I'd wait till the end of the week, when I might have something else to add.

When I've filled them with the blueberry jam - which is blue-and-black and beautiful, I'll take more pix, and put them up :)


  1. Draga Pat,ovo izgleda fantastično. Rado bi naučila one stroke ... ali čini se tako komplicirano... tako da ću zasada uživati u tvojim radovima. A jam će vam biti slađi iz ovakvih prelijepih boca.

  2. Karmen said, in Croatian: Dear Pat, this looks fantastic. Happy to learn one stroke ... but it seems so complicated ... So for now I'll enjoy your work. A jam will be sweeter in these beautiful bottles.

    Hello Karmen,

    Thank you for dropping by, and for your kind words. I am still just a beginner, so I am really happy that you think these are beautiful :)