Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm into doodling :)

Ever since I discovered Miraculous Mosquito on You Tube, and went to visit her blog, I have been obsessed with doodling. I find it infinitely riveting to do, and whenever I feel like it, I will pick up a pen and ... well, just doodle.

I found so many videos online of people doodling, including one of drawing mandalas, and other interesting doodles. I started out my first doodles in French class, while waiting for the teacher to materialise, and did them in ballpoint pen. That wasn't really fun, because the pen was less-than-wonderful.

So, the next doodles were all done with felt-tips, and here are some of them:

This is a mandala, that you grow from a seed,
right in the middle. 

And these next three are done with my new pen, that Chuan bought for me yesterday :)


  1. Ha?what is that?Where is Pat?????Get back Pat!

  2. Hahahaha!!!! These are really fun, Tatjana! You should try them - very calming, and relaxing: a meditation without closing your eyes! :)

  3. Nice. My doodles are usually $$$$$ signs. LOL

  4. Maybe that's an idea - that $$$ doodle! Like printing money, eh?! ;)