Saturday, 20 August 2011

Lacey doily - update

Here's the picture I promised, of the doily sitting pretty in my living room:

There it is, next to my two-seater

I don't really know if the colour can be seen, but it should look ivory-ish/off-white
Before I fitted the glass back into the table, I protected the painting with two layers of topcoat. I used an antique-coloured topcoat, so that the doily isn't TOO white, which is a tad in-your-face, I think. Now, after the double layer of topcoat, it has an off-white, ivory finish, which I love. It also goes well with the brown of the glass. Since I cannot bake the doily, it will have to cure here for 21 days, and then it should be fairly ruin-proof ;)


  1. The detail is incredible. Simply not one stroke. Simply divine. :)

  2. Thank you, darling. I really enjoy doing this. I'd like to do more, so I am researching designs and looking up embroidery and lace patterns online :)

    Thank you for dropping by. Mwah!