Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lacey doily

Today, I finished a really big project :)

It's really big for me, because it involves something for my living room, and because it will sit there, and be seen by anyone or everyone who visits, I was (still am!) a tad nervous about it.

But, it is something I had planned to do for a long time, and yesterday was the day to do it!

'It' happens to be the glass-top of a side-table in my living room. It is an old side-table, and actually is part of a set that my mother gave me when she moved out of her home, and into mine.

So, here is how I did it, and the finished project is right at the very end:

First, I did a rough sketch of how I'd wanted the doily to look - but in the end
you'll see that I sorta changed it. A lot ;)

Then, I made this template to stick under the glass. Lace cannot be worked
free-hand - at least not for me :(

Half done! I first painted in the 'linen'; then, I put in the large comma strokes.

Finished at last: with the line-detail filled in with a liner-brush; then the dotting
- which I think brings the whole thingy nicely together!

Detail of the design: for anyone
who'd like to try it :)

This looks complicated and tricky, but all it takes is patience and a steady mind focused on the project. It's very therapeutic and relaxing. Painting meditation, if you ask me :)

(When it has dried, and been top-coated, I'll fit it back onto its table - and then, I'll update this with a picture of my project - sitting in the living room!)


  1. This is so beautiful! It looks like it is made out of real lace.

  2. Thank you, MM! I am a big fan of your work, so this means a lot to me :)

  3. It's so beautiful! And it does look complicated, you did an amazing job :)

  4. Pat!!!!Don`t know what to say???This look fantastic,amazing!Good work girl!!!!
    And don`t wont to read anymore that you are not certain in things you do.Everything you do is inspirative for me and here I can always pick up great tips.Thank you for all lovely comments you leave on my blog.

  5. Thank you, dear Cass! You know how anxious I get about everything I do, right? I am happy this one turned out like I wanted it to ;)


    Aye, aye captain! Hahahah!! I will not mention my doubts again - because I have a wonderful fan in you!

    Hvala vam što ste mi inspiraciju!! :)