Monday, 22 August 2011

Doodle-y bottles

These are soy-sauce bottles, that have been given the doodle treatment:


  1. It looks really amazing!Can you give more datails how you do it?
    And say Pet helou when you see her ;)

  2. Looks a bit like batik to me. Colours are a bit dull for my taste but the details are incredible. You have transformed the bottles into works of art.

  3. Hi Tatjana!!!

    Pat says 'hello' to you, too! ;)

    If you watch Miraculous Mosquito, you will see how I do it. She is the one who 'taught' me that I could sit down anywhere, and just doodle, and create pretty pictures!

    I start from one small motif, and then I build, and build, from it. One little bit at a time, until the whole page - or in this case, bottle - is complete.

    You're seeing it as a completed project - so it looks complicated. Or difficult. But, it really isn't.

    Like all things, Tatjana, one small step at a time and you will get there in the end ;)

    Thank you for being such a loyal follower :)


    It looks dull because I take bad photographs! Hahahah!! It is black on a reddish-gold background. The flash washed it out, I think. But without the flash, it looked too dark and gloomy. Hahahah!!

    Yes, it does look a bit like batik. But I had watched other doodles, and a bit of Indian henna-designs, and got my inspiration and ideas from them.

    I love your visits, Lita. You always make me smile :)

  4. It's my pleasure, sweetie ;)