Friday, 14 January 2011

A place for my earrings

I was looking for a way to keep my earrings sorted, and my Chuan reminded me of the way I used to do it at our old place: stuck to a piece of styrofoam, that was stuck on the wall!!!

He rummaged around in his room, and came up with this piece. Of course, he suggested I paint it, and I thought that was a brilliant idea. 

After it was painted, I decided to crochet a little hooped thingy, to enable me to hang my dangle-y earrings with ease. I fixed this to the styrofoam with map-pins, and voila: here it is:

It's really light, and sticks on the wall with double-sided tape

Even the sides weren't spared ;)

A close-up of the roses. Can you see the little daisy-like emboss on the styrofoam?

Chuan says it's important that you see where it is, in relation to the rest of my walk-in-closet! Hahahah!

Here it is, with the full load of all the earrings I own!

And here's a better view of the crochetted thingy I made, for easy hanging of the dangle-y earrings :)

My studs just need to be plonked into the foam. I keep their backs in a little bowl on the shelf next to this.

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