Sunday, 23 January 2011

Making-over an old bento box

My pal Emily sent me a couple of these bento boxes, and here's one of them that I've decorated with yellow roses, edged with a bit on 'embroided linen' ;)


  1. Your treatment of the bento box and your paintings on styrofoam put a very aesthetic face on one of the three "R's" in helping preserve the environment: Re-use. It suggests a possible theme for a seminar hosted by CO'78 and featuring your earring board and these other creations: Beauty in the Art of Re-use, Recycling and (oops, somebody please help me out with the third "R"!!)

  2. Ahhhh, 'reduce' as in reduce waste? SO clever wan lah you, Emily!!!!

    There you go, Louis - your third 'r'!!! I couldn't think how I would be reducing anything with my painting! But see how I made it work?! ;)