Thursday, 20 January 2011

One-stroke cherry blossoms

In light of the fact that it will be celebrating the Chinese New Year soon, I am in gift mode again. First I did the rose bowl for Chuan's sister, and now this one, for my favourite sister-in-law. When I first went home to Kulim, she was the one who opened her home to us, and made us feel very welcome. Something like that isn't easily forgotten, and every year, I try to take her something special. I hope she likes this, and the other one I have planned for her.

It's a little glazed flower pot - for either a plant, or a little bunch of flowers.

I am quite pleased with the way it's turned out :)


  1. Thank you, sweetheart :)

    I am getting quite confident with my strokes, so they are actually falling into place where I want them to, and doing what they are meant to do! I am quite amazed at what I can make my brush do!!! Hahahahah!

  2. Hi,I looked your blog.Your creations are beautiful.

  3. Thank you for visiting me, Tatjana. And thank you for your encouraging comments :)

    Happy new year!

  4. these are beautiful.. my neice wants me to paint some cherry blossoms like this on her wedding decorations... can I ask you what colors you used ...thanks


  5. Hello Heather :)

    Thank you for visiting me, and for the lovely compliment.

    I use only Plaid paints, and these are from the Enamels range, of which I have very few colours :(

    I used:

    4066 Engine Red
    4025 Cobalt
    4001 Wicker White
    4016 School Bus Yellow
    20651 Real Green (from their Apple Barrel range)

    I've read that cherry blossoms blossom before there are signs of any leaves - so that saved me the problem of finding a green that would go well with the colours I used.

    But I did use a touch of green, with the red, to do the branches and stems. Then a touch of blue with the red to lend it a deeper colour, and this was double-loaded with the white, for the flowers, buds, and used alone for the calyxes. The centres were done with the yellow.

    I hope this helps. And I wish you 'happy painting' while you do her wedding decorations. I am sure they will turn out brilliantly :)

  6. Absolutely lovely.

    Great to Know of your increasing self-confidence and satisfaction.

  7. Hello Louis,

    So nice to see you here.

    And, thank you.

  8. Very CNYish. Brilliant gift idea!

  9. Oh!! cherry blossoms!! you should be proud of the result.. they are gorgeous! will look good on a bento box!

  10. Yes, lah. Must make CNY stuff for CNY! Hehehehe.

  11. Thank you, Emily,

    I have the other one you gave me, which is black. I was worried that black wouldn't do for CNY.

  12. I think black should make those cherry blossoms POP!

  13. Hahahah!!! Now, I'm so tempted to give it a go!