Thursday, 27 January 2011

My hydrangea

Today, I decided to try my hand at painting hydrangea. It is a beautiful flower, with huge blossoms, blue and pink, and white. Simply lovely.

I practised for so long until the petals started to resemble the real hydrangeas! It wasn't easy at first, until the coin dropped, and then it started to come together. And so, here is my practice sheet. As usual, I cannot waste the paint left over on my palette, so in the corner there are some strange yellow leaves! Hahahah!!!


  1. very nice!! I really like it. It would look great on a teapot. :)

  2. Thank you, sayang.

    Yes, you are right. I was thinking the same thing - because the roundness of the blooms would lend themselves to the roundness of the teapot - and it would look 3D-ish! :)

  3. You know I'm a fan, right! :D

    I love how the blue pops out from the black background.

  4. What close attention to detail, giving equal treatment to each tiny individual flower within the large flower!

  5. That's the only way to paint them, I'm afraid, Louis. Unless I do that impressionistic stuff - but I have no confidence to try that yet. Though I find some of it too beautiful for words!

  6. Hey Lita,

    I replied to your other comment, and now this one looks so forlorn here!

    Thank you for being a loyal fan :)

  7. Thank you, Tatjana!

    You are so kind :)

  8. This is beautiful! I have ordered some kits and DVDs from online and hope I will eventually be able to do something this lovely! I like your leaves too! :)

  9. How lucky for you that you have kits and DVDs to help! Hahahaha! When I started, I had only the You Tube videos, and some old water-colour paint, leftover from my children's days in school! Shall we agree it just didn't work?! hahahahah!

    I usually work by looking at a picture, and trying to replicate what I see, with my brush. For a long time, I was useless with a pencil, though my drawing skills are getting better these days ;)

    Lots of luck with your endeavours, and do share your work for all to see? If you look at my early posts, you'll see how horrid it was at the start - but with practise, it grows easier, and the work gets better. I had zero painting skills when I started, so I sucked bigtime. If you have some painting experience, you will do a LOT better than I did. For sure!

    Happy 2012!