Thursday, 6 January 2011

Heart of flowers

A dear friend celebrates her wedding anniversary in December, so I painted this for her, and her husband: she is the E and he is the S.

I took my time over this, starting with the background, which I painted in pastel-green and cream. I painted a three-petal design on the green stripes in warm white, and edged it the stripes in old gold.Then, I painted in the vines, plotted in the places for the roses, and put in the leaves and ferns. 

Then, I painted in the roses, the rose-buds and the forget-me-nots.

And since it is no longer with me, I have these pictures to remind me of what I did, and how I would improve it were I to paint something similar again.


  1. It is a gorgeous work of art!

    Anything done with love usually turns out so.