Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wonderful stained-glass site

I found this site accidentally when I went Google-searching for stained glass designs. Yes, I have ideas about doing some stained-glass work, so I was doing a bit of homework :)

Isn't this beautiful? There's a free pattern for this on the site! How cool is that?!

The Stained Glass Lady

It is an amazing site, and has tutorials and ideas and pictures... and FREE patterns! Hahahah! For someone like me, who's taken up this hobby after I've retired, money is always scarce. And, anything 'free' is the first thing to catch my eye! Too often, 'FREE' comes with a catch, but it's ok, I live and I learn.

Please visit this site, and pay it forward like I have. It has so much to offer, and I've only just skimmed the surface. I'll be returning to find out more about the delightful craft of stained glass.

I'm also adding the site to my blogroll, so that I can come back anytime I want :)

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  1. It is glorious, YOU would be magnificent at this art, no doubt about it can't wait to see what you come up sketch beginner today I have to warm you is kind of a nude lol xxx