Sunday, 1 January 2012

Another lazy susan

It's just 'acting' here: I haven't given it its final top-coats yet! ;)
The other lazy susan I painted, went to my dear friend Lita.

After painting hers, I was dying to paint one for myself - so I set about painting-on the background (blackboard paint), and sanding it, and readying it for a design.

But, what should I paint on it? "Not roses again, ma?!" my daughter had said, when I told her I was painting grandpa's old medicine cabinet. So, roses were out.

Roses aren't my favourite flower to paint. Nor are they my favourite flower in all the world. I think, daisies are. But, roses were the hardest to learn, and once I'd learned them, I kept wanting to paint them, because I am terrified that I will somehow forget how to, if I don't! Hahahahah!

So, roses were out, and I'd already painted quite a few daisies lately - so I settled for sunflowers, which fit in nicely in my wood-y kitchen :)

Originally, the daisies were painted white. But, they were too 'startling' against the very-black background, and pulled the focus away from the sunflowers! So, I mixed a yellow glaze (the sunflower yellow, and medium) and painted a couple of coats over them. That's mellowed them somewhat, and keep them in the background nicely.


  1. C'est si beau tu es magnifique and there is no such thing as
    'another ...' when it comes to our talent
    J'ai tres hate de devenir meilleure(hate, il me manque le petit chapeau, it's not Hate, promis lol) j'ai hate means I'm looking forward to....

  2. Hahahahah! Oh Lorraine, I learned a new word today, and what a special word it is!!!!

    J'ai eu à le chercher le sens - mais je pense que je ne peux pas l'utiliser encore! Hahahaha!

    I am a work-in-progress, so join me?! ;)

  3. Gosh Pat, you are really one fantastic lady. Keeping yourself occupied with so many useful activities. Love your work ....

  4. Hello Pat! I always feel like I am talking to myself when I say that!!!

    Thank you for visiting me here :)

    You like my work? Thank you! I am still learning, and every time I paint something, I am trying out some new technique or other: that's what keeps it interesting for me. I cannot keep painting the same thing, over and over again. That would just kill my interest.

    'Lady of leisure', you called me: but aren't you one, now, too? OR, are you back at work, with another job?

    Me and Chuan are retired! Me long before him ;)